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Welcome to the CK6 On-line Stud.  All bulls listed are owned by CK6 Clients.  They have been chosen as elite sires for areas of production with a emphasis on structure and muscle.  Interglobe Genetics, Pontiac IL has partnered with us for collection, shipping and billing of all orders.  Orders will be shipped to you from that location, picked up there, delivered by CK6 when possible or part of Interglobe Genetics regular route.  Please leave shipping request on order.  Pricing on semen doesn’t include shipping. Orders over 100 straws the shipping is free.  CSS quality semen is available on some of the sires but most semen is frozen to Interglobe Genetics specifications for breeding.  All orders will come to CK6 Consulting and forwarded to Interglobe Genetics.  EPD’s will be kept up to date when needed or once a month.  We hope you enjoy the site and the quality of bulls.

Bear Creek Angus
BCA New Design U801



Beutel Angus Farm
Gaffney Objective 9139



Pine View New Design X104


Brady Angus Farm
TLA Cutler U068



Jason D Koberstein
Plattemere Project E558-B08



Peterson Angus
PA Power Tool 9108



Pine View Angus
Pine View 7125 X099



Pine View Y099


Raven Angus
Sitz Bull Durham 11860

1 Response to All Bulls

  1. We own a young sire along with Gardiner Ranch and Chair Rock Bison. He is GAR Chair Rock 5050 K1429 (16634936). His current EPDs are right up there with the best of them and raising monthly. After looking over the calf crop this summer we will be making a decision on whether or not to market semen from this sire. I noticed that you have partnered with a service In IL and wonder how the collection would work with us being in North Carolina?. Any information you can provide me with will be most helpful. Your reply will be appreciated.

    Thank you,
    HomePlace Farms

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