CK6 Consulting “Family Helping Families”

Services offered from CK6 Consulting

  • Using over 20 years of experience in the purebred Angus business to help develop a direction for the program and participate in the implementation of the tools and services used to reach the goals of the owner.
  • Consistent genetic selection with research and discussion as it relates to the marketplace and the ability to meet its needs through genetics. We will propose genetic acquisitions, marketing strategies and development of current genetic base to help position your program in the market place.
  • Advertising- a campaign will be designed and discussed that will (1) meet the budget constraints and (2) advance the genetic strengths of the program.  It is our strong belief we need to maintain a constant presence in the market place to insure marketing success.
  • Web-site advice and design along with regular updates to keep active and utilize this tool to it’s maximum.
  • Picture taking and videos- all will be done at CK6 expense and be archived for future use.
  • CK 6 Stud participation through qualifying herd-sires.
  • Certified for the transfer of frozen embryos and Artificial Insemination. No charge for implantation or breeding to CK6 customers.
  • Advertising design and layout-will be done by CK6 and at owner’s approval and expense.
  • CK6 currently has a mailing list of thousands names. These contacts are sort able.  The use of this list is part of the retainer.
  • CK6 currently maintains a data base of thousands e-mails along with a Constant Contact account to facilitate e-blasts.  This use is part of retainer
  • Advice on your ranch’s business profile is available at any level or depth based on the comfort level of the ownership.
  • Hands on assistance in any needed ranch activity. Adequate scheduling should suffice.
  • At least 6 visits a year will be performed not including days of sales. Nutrition and management can and will be monitored in these time frames.
  • Marketing- a strategy will be put in place that will attempt to meet the needs and desires of the ownership. It is important to note, marketing is a 365 day process that will improve with time, quality cattle, and quality people. Multiple options are available for consignments to beginning and established sales in theMidwest.
  • Annual sales public and private will be managed by CK6 with no additional charge but as part of the retainer.  CK6 will help in selection of sale cattle, be in charge of sale day logistics (penning) and layout, and write the catalog.  We will also coordinate advertising as it relates to the sale. The physical catalog expense and postage will be paid by ownership of cattle.  The preparation work of CK6 will not appear in those expenses. Average sale expense will be somewhere between 5-10% with CK6 receiving no sale management revenue except through annual retainer.
  • CK6 asks that all records for program be stored at AAA in their AHIR program.  Your password will be needed to maintain those records as part of retainer.
  • CK6 has partnered with DVAuction as a representative for them which brings their great service, a progressive internet tool for sales and advertising at a discounted cost for our clients. Click the logo below to learn more about their service.


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